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(Genital Warts)

Condyloma is caused by a virus which gives pale pink or skin-coloured warts. They can easily be identified when they are raised, lobed and grow in clusters. However, the warts can also be small, flat and impossible to see with the naked eye. This infection is very common.

How is condyloma transmitted?
Condyloma is mainly transmitted via intercourse. It may also be transmitted by petting and other sexual contact.

What are the symptoms of condyloma?
In most cases, condyloma shows no symptoms, but in men and women condyloma may cause itching, burning, discharges, slight bleeding, split skin and genital infections. The warts may also form around and in the anal opening and in the rectum.

What is the testing procedure?
The large, lobed warts are easy for a doctor to see with the naked eye. The flat ones, which are difficult to see, can be painted during the examination with a solution which makes them white and visible. The doctor then often uses a special magnifying instrument to see the warts more easily.

How is condyloma treated?
The warts can be treated with a special solution. The warts can also be burned or frozen off. If they are on the surface, laser treatment can achieve good results. The warts may return after treatment. In this case you must contact your doctor again.

What about my partner?
Your long-term partner should always be checked. Former partners who may have transmitted the infection should also be checked.

What secondary diseases can condyloma cause?
Some types of the virus which causes condyloma may cause cell changes in the cervix. Cell samples should therefore be taken regularly if a woman has had condyloma.

Always use a condom if you have intercourse during treatment. Not all warts and rough rashes in the genital area are condyloma. However, you must always contact your doctor if you develop wart-like growths on/around the genitals.


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